The Ceremony was held by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association to announce and award the Sao Khue Prize on 27th April. Sao Khue Award 2017 was voted by Sao Khue Joint Voting Council for The best Vietnam Commercial Services and Products; The best E-government solutions; The new Vietnam products and software solutions and The Best Information Technology Services.

On behalf of OSP Corp, Mr Dzung Quang Le was honoured to receive this Award.

It is a great honour for OSP Software and Digital Content technology Joint Stock Company to have the Sao Khue Award for the outstanding Software. This is IPHE Software for Management of staff evaluation and classification, which belongs to Vietnam new software solutions/products category. Especially, Joint Voting Council decided to give the Superior Software Award and four-star rank for this software.

IPHE Software is a system of sofware solutions to evaluate and classify the staff based on various methods and aspects regarding to KPI standards set up by own organizations and companies. IPHE aims to computerize the assessment procedures and standardized classifications. Iphe supports managers to evaluate employees according to comprehensive method through the quantitative indexs that IPHE Software automatically calculates. It is the most effective software to ensure the fairness and truth among the evaluation and human resource management solutions recently.

The outstanding functions of IPHE:

There are some other outstanding functions of IPHE:

EXPANSION: The ability to customize, integrate into high module and easily integrate with other systems.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Absolutely ensure the objectivity and confidentiality, and a detailed authorization system for each data field.

UTILIZATION: Easy to understand, easy to use system and have ability to access to the system anytime, anywhere.

FLEXIBILITY, STABILITY: Stable and fast - processing system

Assignment system, rating coefficient ... are done in many flexible, automatic ways.

Hanoi, April 27th, 2014