Summer is coming. Summer is a season of many sudden heavy rains and hot weather. Hanoi in summer is colorful with many kinds of flower. White Madonna lily on April, red flamboyant and violet Lagerstroemia speciosa (Bang Lang flower) on May, and WestLake lotus on June will attract people to take photos. Lotus in West Lake is considered to one of the most beautiful landscape in Hanoi. Without doubt, summer is so impressive by its brilliant beauty.

Welcome June, OSP wants to say Happy Birthday to all staff born in June, namely:

  1. Ms Nguyen Thi Phuc – VAS Department
  2. Mr Pham Huy Viet – Project Department
  3. Ms Tran Thu Thuy – VAS NEW Department
  4. Mr Nguyen Anh Tuan – Product Department

   The party was celebrated in office room as usual. Birthday party has some food such as: Birthday cake, some kind of fruits like water melon and guava, pork hash wrapped in banana leaf, beer...It was so happy and full of joy and best wishes for the hosts.

   Everything was ready in the early morning.The atmosphere became more exciting when everyone sang happy birthday and birthday party's hosts cut the cake together:


   All members were so cheerful and happy. We ate cake, drank beer together. Without doubt, this small party brings us closer and it helps our mind get out of work in very short time.

   Hope that this small cozy party will bring OSP members closer. On behalf of OSP staff, I wish you guys always happy, successful and able to achieve your dreams. We are always beside you on your career path.