OSP Global (OSPG) is a member of OSP CORP which developing high-tech solutions (AI, Big Data) for supporting enterprises in their Marketing and Sales implement. Having a team of enthusiastic, creative, daring professional thinkers, we are always proud to bring our best to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for our partners.



As our core value to bring to the market, AI Customer Insight is an ecosystem which integrating a system of solutions to provide comprehensive support for your business in: understanding customers, brand management, building and implementing business and marketing strategies, optimizing conversion rates and reducing costs. Thanks for our contribution, last December of 2019, AI Customer Insight Ecosystem was honored to receive the Vietnam Digital Technology Award (VDA 2018) for the category "Effective digital marketing and communication solutions".

Products of AICI Ecosystem (AI Customer Insight Eco – System)

ISM (iSocial Media Monitoring)

Listen to understand

Analyzing trends on social networks to help organizations collect information and feedback from customers through tracking keyword in posts, articles that social network users are interested in and talking about, and then improve customer services.

Special Features

- Automatic technology for analyzing and extracting data.

- Database with high coverage (2000 newspapers, 1000 forums/ blogs, 53 million of social network accounts ... etc)

- High-level Vietnamese language analysis techniques.

- Analyzing data with automated machine learning techniques.


- Analysis and report on multi-dimensional social network trends.

- Collect and update real-time information about specific topics.

- Manage information sources and flows of your brand on social networks.

- Alert about negative ones which helping media crisis precautions.


Build the portrait of target customers

Support Business analysts to classify according to the level of users interaction and predict users behaviors in order to help enterprises identify their potential customers, then build suitable strategic business, marketing or customer care plans.

Special Features

- Use BIG DATA and AI in analyzing Vietnamese text Combine with machine learning techniques to provide important information regarding customer profiles and journeys

- Report useful statics in real time, especially in purchasing trends in near future.

- Predict user needs in short term.


- Analyze accurately and deeply from user signals on social networks or user data provided by customers; thereby having users information and index according to topics / areas / products.

- From the user's past data, predict future actions and needs.

- Be the information base to select individuals to become potential customers of the business, approach customers to introduce products and services.

AIG ( AI TeleSale)

Bring you potential customers

Base on our BIG DATA , AI system, AIG analyzes trends of customers behaviors and needs to identify potential ones for specific fields of business. Therefore, we Provide tools helping connect sellers with their potential buyers via Tele Sale and SMS branding.

Special Features

- Classify target customers according to the attribute models of location, age, hobbies, level of interest in certain products, ..

- Connect with target customers through Tele sale, SMS branding, ...

- Smart Storage Feature with clear and intuitive reports


- Help enterprises classify and reach their target customers.

- Provide more effective sales and communication channels.

- Reduce marketing costs - maximize conversion rate.

AiM - AiTarget Marketing

Oriented communication – Marketing on Targets

Allow advertisers improve their advertisement on Social Networks (Facebook, Zalo, ...) to connect potential customers with the needs to sellers. With AiM, your ads will be displayed on the correct customer group who want to see advertisement and desire to acknowledge more about your products or services. The AI system will help you analyse more details about behavior, trends, needs of subscriber accounts, social network accounts.

Special Features

- Rich model system and data analysis for each business fields - the result of AI, deep - learning and machine learning features combination

- Data platform (BIG DATA) with larger coverage and more accurate information

- Searching for potential customers according to available criteria

- Selecting customer groups and running ads to third party service platforms.

- Evaluating the results of the advertising campaign.


- Provide Targeted Customer Audience with in-depth analysis models

- Integrating the processing of encryption to create a valid form of Customer Audience, easy to use to advertise on social networks (Facebook, Zalo ... etc)

- Provide a strong analyze and report system to strengthen effectiveness of you Social media ads and help enterprises create better advertising campaigns and reducing marketing expenses ...

M – Target

New effective communication channel for businesses

Provide you a new DMP and DSP through Mobi Marketing advertising service on internet via 3G / 4G access system of MobiFone and Viettel mobile network


- Advise and implement advertising packages for businesses, ensure right target audience and optimize costs for campaigns.

- Provide an easy-to-use system to create and manage an advertising campaign.


Provide enterprises a new DMP and DSP of advertising on all out-of-data / data-out pages, out of high-speed data, wrong domain landing page on the internet through management system of MobiFone mobile network.