With years of experience providing software solutions for more than 400 agencies in the judicial sector nationwide, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of this field.
Our most well-received software are:
UCHI- the common home of all notary offices
The Notary Contract Management Software and data protection UCHI are the bridge between the Department of Justice, Notary Offices and Coordinating Agencies, enable sharing information on status and transaction history of assets at a timely manner thus effectively solve the problem of managing and preventing risks for notary offices and organizations. The main functions of the software are:
How we can help our customers:
The solutions brought to customers by OSP guarantee to provide customers with the best tools to improve the efficiency in business administration, model management, online administration, c., thereby agencies, businesses and organizations to utilize time and human resources. Some of our solutions are:
Providing important solutions in the management and operation of customers in the field of Information & Communication.
Typical solutions:
Mobile Marketing system on mobile network
Provide Mobile Marketing solutions to help telecom corporations understand their customers better through new interactive channels of users on the browser, manage 3G / 4G network traffic. And then, monitoring, exploiting and processing information effectively, orienting transmission messages to users in the browser is accurate and appropriate.
System to prevent DDOS denial of service attacks
The system enhances security and access security, ensuring that the system is always accessible even when denial of service attacks.


OSP continuously cooperates with major telecom corperations to deploy and launch high quality, practical and high quality digital content products.
Typical Products & Services:


From the early years of establishment, the Japanese information technology industry has been a top priority for OSP. With our value, quality products and services, we have managed to build a reputation and having been acknowledged by the Japanese press. The first market Cooperation - Investment and development for OSP is Cambodia. By the middle of 2015, through Metfone as our chosen channel to deliver our value, we launched a grand project that was successful beginning. This is the first step but by no mean the last step, we plan to expand our reach to Malaysia, Myanmar, ... although it is not an easy path, OSP made it our mission to show the world the value of Vietnamese people through the journey of "Reaching the big sea".